姓名: 余环 Yu, Huan    
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公司: Poli Mortgage Group
手机: 978-944-2224
执照: NMLS# 367720 MLO367720 Lender license : NMLS#1979
公司地址:780 Dedham Street, Canton, MA 02021
微信: khandslady
麻州, 罗德岛贷款---请流览我的网页查看您的个人既时利率!



各种贷款: 买房(自住, 投资),提取现金和不提取现金的重新贷款,节能装修,建房,房屋修复

多种选择: FHA, VA, Conventional, Jumbo, Mass Housing; 低首付,可选有点数或无点数,有手续费或无手续费






Hu's Family


If I know someone want buy house or need mortgage loan, I definitely will introduce to you. 因为你让人感到诚恳, 踏实, 让人放心信任。


Satisfied Customer

余小姐是我们一家到美国后碰到的第一位真正热心的专业人员,并且在以后也一如既往地给以关心和十分有价值的咨询。 谢谢你!


Our house purchasing experience with Huan Yu was superb. Yu is very professional and helpful. She was always willing to answer our countless questions and showed us many houses at our convenience. We would highly recommend her as your Realtor. Liang Family

Liang Family


Not to mention is the most honorable one! We had worked with Huan for over a period of over a year over our transition from our 2nd home to the current one. While Huan is certainly not the talkative agent among dozen of agents we have ever had worked with, she is the one who takes time to understand our needs and offers timely, very knowledgeable, and accurate information we need. We specially like the way Huan handles the process in our pace yet keep us informed. Definitely an agent you can trust regardless your needs is real estate transactions or mortgage application.

Andy & Jenny

One of the Most Trustable Agent






  • ----2011-04-05 10:02:12 Andover MA, United States 余小姐丰富的专业知识和热情的工作态度,给我们留下了深刻的印象。谢谢你帮我们找到梦想中的家。 高先生一家 我们很满意
  • ----2011-04-06 11:18:12 Andover MA, United States 余小姐是我们一家到美国后碰到的第一位真正热心的专业人员,并且在以后也一如既往地给以关心和十分有价值的咨询。 谢谢你!
  • ----2013-05-07 11:53:47 Winchester, MA, United States 找余环之前我已经问了好几家,她的rate最好。人很耐心,对待客户真诚热情,反馈速度很快。
  • ----2014-01-01 23:19:13 Boston MA, United States 我们是第一次买房,余环女士该我们的印象是真诚替客户着想,尽自己最大努力为我们争取最低利率.她的敬业精神和真诚态度使我们觉得找对了人.
  • ----2014-01-10 16:26:20 Acton MA, United States 还不错,很麻利,很勤快。以后还会找她做。
  • ----2014-01-21 11:57:02 Albuquerque NM, United States 我们是通过madizhu网站找loan officer的,发出request后,尽管当天是周五下午7点了,余环女士还是很快联系了我们。她的quick response 和热情细致的服务,以及最好的rate让我们选择了她。我们的case相对有点复杂,jumbo loan,self-employee, 跨州买房,closing需要POA,再加上赶上感恩节和圣诞节,不过在余环女士的细心热情的帮助下,我们最后顺利按时拿到贷款,买到了心仪的房子。 非常感谢余环的帮助。 Shi's Family
  • ----2014-02-26 12:39:26 Tewksbury MA, United States Doing business with Huan is great. She doesn't play trick with you and always give you the best rate available at that time. She will get your deal closed in time.
  • ----2014-02-26 12:43:42 Tewksbury MA, United States Doing business with Huan Yu is great. She always gave you the best rate available. There are no tricks, no strings attached. She also closes your deal in time.
  • ----2014-03-24 21:17:40 Melrose MA, United States 找余环贷款, 贷得放心, 贷得满意! 她的利率很好, 工作很勤奋, 晚上八点多给我打电话, 说第二天利率会上涨, 要锁定利率, 结果是一路上涨, 至今三周了, 还是在涨. 她很耐心地给我们解释了各种费用, 我们第一次找别家贷款时, 花了不少冤枉费用, 但是余环帮我们算得清清楚楚. 该不该重新贷款, 要不要交费. 谢谢余环!
  • ----2014-12-12 11:03:46 Charlestown MA, United States Ms Huan Yu really did a great job for my mortgage application. I worked in Harvard Medical School and this is my first time to apply house mortgage and I know nothing about it. At the beginning, I contacted several brokers for the rates and info. Among them, Ms Huan Yu gave me the best rate and deal. She is also the most patient and thoughtful agent I have ever met. With her help my loan application goes very smoothly with Poli. The most important thing I want to mention is that Ms Yu always respond my call or email very quickly even 10PM at night or 8AM in the morning, you always feel profession and confidence when you talk to her. She has great personality and working with Ms Yu is my great pleasure. I strongly recommend her and definitely look forward to working with her again.
  • ----2015-11-09 12:10:10 Boston MA, United States Very professional and reply your call quickly at any time! Highly recommend !
             商家回复客户评论: 2015-11-09 12:11:23  Thank you very much!
  • ----2017-03-29 22:56:43 Suffield CT, United States 请问有汽车贷款吗
             商家回复客户评论: 2017-03-30 08:33:49  对不起, 我们不做汽车贷款.
  • ----2017-03-29 22:58:28 Suffield CT, United States 请问可以咨询汽车贷款吗
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