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姓名: 欧文贷款 Alvin Guo    
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公司: Washington Trust Mortgage Company
手机: (617) 650-7872
执照: NMLS# 40731
公司地址:25 Mall Rd, Suite 408, Burlington, MA 02476


  • 贷款保证利率最低
  • 实力雄厚,服务最好,代理数百家银行,电脑筛选最低利率
  • 外国公民,外国工作,外国收入特别贷款(需有入美签证); 美国公民,绿卡, 外国工作, 外国收入特别贷款
  • 各种身份,外国人,各种购房贷款,重新贷款,商业,建筑贷款等
  • 可选无点数,无手续费,低首付
  • 免费咨询,免费提供预批准信
  • 提供律师审阅修改买卖合同免费服务

* 15% down payment for invest single house and condo;
* Cash out refinancing after cash purchase as long as the condition of property is livable, you do not need to wait for six months.

  • ----2011-01-26 20:36:18 Hudson MA, United States Very dependable and friendly, offer the best rates and best service.
  • ----2012-09-25 23:34:09 Boston MA, United States Alvin is one of the best loan officer, very friendly and knowledgable. He helped me to close my loan in 20+ days, very speedy service. all stuff in ARBC are very helpful in guiding me throughout the whole mortgage application process. Strongly recommend to if you need help on mortgage.
  • ----2014-05-02 13:42:21 Boston MA, United States Alvin has done two mortgage/refinance for me. He is the best people doing mortgage. He is dependable, experienced, very helpful, and resourceful.
             商家回复客户评论: 2014-05-02 15:36:23  Dear customer, Thank you very much for your comments. It was my pleasure to work with you and thank you for your business. Have a nice day. Alvin
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